Five tips & tricks for preparing to road trip Australia

Have the right setup for your road trip 

The beauty of road tripping Australia is the variety of vehicles you can travel in that suit both your budget and travel style. Whether you want the luxuries of travelling with a caravan in tow, are looking for an off-road adventure in a well-equipped 4x4, you want to travel slow and stick to the bitumen in a campervan, or you are just looking to get away for the weekend, there is an option for everyone.  

Planning your itinerary 

Before hitting the road, you will want an idea of which direction you want to head in as well as some must see places. If you are planning on setting off on a longer adventure, it can be easy to chase the warmer weather all year round by spending the winter months up north and the summer months down south. If you are just heading off for the weekend, there are so many wonderful places that are worth a visit and loads of great travel books that provide inspiration.   

When planning be aware of your vehicles capabilities and where it can take you. While you may dream of road tripping the Gibb River Road, this would not be possible in a campervan or 2wd vehicle.  

Check your car is safe and ready to hit the road 

Some parts of Australia are quite remote and there can be 100’s of kilometers between towns. Before any road trip it’s important to make sure that your car is up to date with servicing and is safe to hit the road. Having the ability to service your own car prior to travelling will come in handy on the road, especially when your car may be due for another service during your travels.  

Be prepared with spare parts for basic car maintenance  

Having spare parts available is a must when road tripping Australia which you can find easily on Amazon Auto Part Finder. You never know when you may need to change a tyre, check your oil or replace wear and tear parts on your car such as windscreen wipers.   

Download your maps offline 

Once leaving populated areas phone service can be intermittent, if not non-existent. By downloading your maps offline onto your phone or GPS device you will still have access to them and can get directions to your next destination.  

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