Classic Aussie student meals get a shake-up at the first Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up

How do sweet tortellini, shumai toasties, and a samosa stir fry sound? Scape Australia joins forces with viral TikTok foodies to launch an exclusive new pop-up restaurant for students 

Get set for a student dining experience like no other! For years, Aussie student meal go-to’s have remained the same, with new research showing pasta with sauce (52%), stir fry (51%), and the humble toastie (30%) are still very much firm favourites*. On a mission to reinvigorate students’ living and dining experiences, Scape, Australia’s biggest student accommodation operator, has today announced the arrival of the first Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up, a unique new pop-up restaurant.  

Popping up this month at Scape’s new purpose-built student accommodation in Redfern, the Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up will see TikTok foodie superstars Vincent Lim, Morgan Hipworth, and Priya Sharma unite to serve up an innovative and delicious new menu inspired by classic student meals. Diners can look forward to: 

  • Morgan Hipworth’s (1M followers) take on pasta with sauceNothing is Impastable - sweet tortellini filled with a Nutella Ricotta filling, and served with raspberry coulis and hazelnut praline;
  • Vincent Yeow Lim’s (DimSimLim, 1.3M followers) twist on a toastie: YumYumcha Ham & Cheese Shumai, XO, garlic butter, toast croutons, and topped with gold leaf;
  • Priya Sharma’s (1.3M followers) stir fry reinvented: Samosa be a stir fry - A mash-up of cuisines combining an Indian classic with a go-to student dish – the stir fry! From the outside, this Samosa will look just as delicious and crunchy as any other but break it open and you’ll find it filled with a classic plant-based stir fry – noodles and all!  

The launch of this foodie extravaganza comes following new research commissioned by Scape, which delves into the living and dining habits of Aussie students. The nation’s students aged 18+ are seeking a sense of freedom (66%) and independence (63%) when flying the nest, with over half (56%) of tertiary students 18+ now living out of the home. Family, love interests and a desire to make friends all play a role in student’s living choices, with findings revealing that: 

  • Wallflowers on campus: Whilst a third (33%) of students would prefer to live out of home in the hope of making new friends, sadly mealtime is a lonely experience with almost 75%* eating alone.
  • A little escape: More than a third (34%) of students cite ‘escaping’ from parents and family as a reason to live away from home, yet when it comes to their favourite foods many reference home-cooked meals that remind them of their loved ones.*
  • Love is in the air: Being able to enjoy more privacy with a love interest is also another factor for over a third (36%) of Aussies students preferring to fly the nest for studies.
  • Takeaways vs staying in: Despite the rise in popularity of delivery services, tertiary students have a total weekly food budget of $148 on average and are still spending more than half (57% - $84 on average) of this budget on eating in versus takeaways ($64). Male students are more likely to splurge when it comes to eating out, with an average weekly budget of $70 spent on dining out / takeaway foods compared to $57 for female students.  

Speaking about the upcoming launch of its TikTok Creator Cook-up restaurant Anouk Darling, CEO of Scape, comments:  

“Our student cohort is always inspiring us to continually improve their experience with us. It’s such an exciting time for students who have missed out on so much during the pandemic. Right across all our locations food is such a connector, it builds community and it’s a way for us to care for our students who, for the most part, have left home for the first time. The Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up is just one example of our experience that puts students at the heart. This first Scape restaurant initiative is inspired by our students and their love for TikTok, fun and food. We’re inviting students all across Australia to the Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up to enjoy a unique dining experience, we’re even giving away tickets via our social channels. 

“Scape is completely reinventing the student experience. We constantly challenge ourselves to break the mould of the stereotypical residential college, flatting with mates or sharing house accommodation. Instead, living at Scape comes with a suite of all-inclusive lifestyle benefits. From leading health and wellbeing initiatives to new opportunities for students to connect with one another - we do this in unexpected and elevated ways. In our newest property, Scape Redfern, there is a glam room where our residents get ready together, there’s flow, spin and gym for fitness, a podcast studio, gaming den, music studio and cinema rooms,” she said. 

Vincent Lim, Australian TikTok star and chef adds: “When I was studying, I loved a ham and cheese toastie as much as the next student, but now as a chef, I have recreated the classic with a twist. I loved reimagining the humble toastie and getting creative in the kitchen so I’m excited for everyone to see my reinvented classic dish with a twist and a little bit of YumYum!”  

The Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up will open as an exclusive, one-night-only foodie extravaganza from 6:30 - 9:30 PM on Thursday 23rd June in a dining room takeover at Scape Redfern. 

From Monday 6th June until Tuesday 14th of June, Aussie students can visit the Scape Australia TikTokInstagram and Facebook for a chance to win an exclusive seat at the Scape TikTok Creator Cook-up.    

For more information head to the Scape Australia website here. 

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