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We curate offers and requests submitted by our audience and create transparent trading, swap, wanted and for sale listings that present the items as they are—without superlatives or exaggerated language. Barter’s knowledgeable community of users and registered bidders view each listing and send feedback so potential buyers can bid with confidence.

Items can be sold for cash, sold as swap or traded as item and cash either way.

There are many categories on including, accommodation, cars, boats, travel, house and garden items, real estate, health and wellbeing services and more. In fact, we will create a category if we do not have it already. has "wanted" ads to help you in your search for something that is special to you.

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There is a one time publishing fee of $25 AUD listings are great for one time bartering such as swapping a motor bike for a car but permanent article advertisements provide ongoing exposure where say a B&B owner is always willing to consider exchanging accommodation for goods or services with guests.

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